Yantrr Electronic Systems - Offering Cost Effective System Design Services with a Variety of Busines

CIO Vendor M2M and IoT applications market in India is driven by the diminishing cost of embedded systems and communication devices. The need for improving business productivity as well as differentiation in service delivery is also contributing to this. M2M solution providers are expected to deliver complete and customizable turnkey solutions. Customers expect solution providers to lead and guide them all the way from custom development to deployment and management of these complex systems. Customers are looking for internationally certified products for mass deployments. Aligned with this, Yantrr has significantly invested in all aspects, from in-house hardware development, manufacturing to embedded software development, OS support, sensor drivers, cloud databases and analytics, Yantrr maintains a leading edge with its use of core technology and delivery.

Yantrr has evolved from being a provider of 2G/3G/GPS communication subsystems to a complete Operational Intelligence solutions provider. The company’s latest offerings include 4G/LTE, industrial grade Modbus/CANbus interfaces, wired as well as integrated wireless WiFi & Bluetooth sensors support.

Yantrr understands that all of its clients have different needs. “There is no one size fits all IoT solution. We partner with businesses to understand their application to customize the systems whether it is for cost optimizations, sensor interfaces or unique data connectivity needs. We offer cost effective system design services with a variety of business models, ranging from complete ownership to joint rights and OEM offers,” states Namita Varma, Director, Yantrr Electronics Systems.
Yantrr’s M2M capes are designed to be compliant with BeagleBone’s CPU and hardware interfaces. By conveniently stacking these capes on a BeagleBone system, users can instantly transform a powerful Linux driven BeagleBone CPU system into a secure M2M gateway with capabilities ranging from 2G/3G to LTE/4G (CAT4), including options for GPS tracking in the same credit card sized form factor. In addition to capes, we now offer integrated BeagleBone with multiple M2M interfaces that are received very well by customers.

Yantrr has evolved from being a provider of 2G/3G/GPS communication subsystems to a complete Operational Intelligence solutions provider

Today, Yantrr has a worldwide customer base in over 45 countries. The company is an early player in the industrial IoT space and is enriched by this diverse experience touching many continents and vertical markets. They have brought the best of these solutions to Indian market while based in India to service its unique market needs. Yantrr is poised to grow and expand in the multi-billion dollar global industrial IoT and Operational Intelligence market. “We are rapidly expanding our geographical and technology footprint in North America and Europe markets by adopting latest M2M communication standards such as ultra-low power LTE CAT M1, LoRa, Bluetooth Mesh. Our products are undergoing strict regulatory and standards com-pliance certifications. We believe that IoT space will also benefit from big data and machine learning research. We are investing in these areas and constantly innovating to offer best of technologies to our customers,” concludes Namita.