Maxbyte Technologies - Delivering IoT solutions that Foster Operational Visibility

CIO Vendor The tremendous growth in the demand for connected devices fuelled with the proportional increase in the awareness about IoT, penetration of smart devices and government initiatives have been amongst the factors driving the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Connections market. One of the chief procurers of the M2M technology, the manufacturing sector which leverages the technology to remotely track their supply chains while at the same time monitoring warehouse operations irrespective of the location and its ability for real-time communication. In fact with the addition of approximately 250 million people to the current workforce over the span of next 15 years, Ramshankar C S envisages that the adoption of Industry 4.0 or Industrial IoT to be an inevitable necessity for the Indian economy in achieving its goal of elevating its manufacturing industry to global levels of excellence.

Ramshankar C S heads Coimbatore-based Maxbyte Te chnologi e s as the CEO. An Industrial IoT system integration and solutions company, Maxbyte Technologies strategizes to empower clients through the implementation of Industry 4.0 solutions and smart connected products to enable operational data visibility and disruptive business models. Providing an insight into the challenges in the market, the CEO says, “Majority of the players in the IIoT segment limit their solutions to a specific area, either consulting, hardware or software. This forces the clients to do the program management and reach out to different vendors and manage complex interfaces from different solutions.” He adds, “Maxbyte focuses on providing end to end IIoT solution from strategy to delivery including, consulting, solution architecture, hardware, com-munication, software, edge analytics, managed services”.

Maxbyte Technologies is spearheading the market with a number of market ready IIoT products. The product can be seamlessly integrated with factory machines and leading CNC control systems like FANUC, Siemens and more.
Other products include the NEERO which is an ROWater System remote monitoring and diagnostics systems equipped with IIoT sensors, gateway, software, and analytics. The firm has put forth TERMICO, designed for the Industrial Thermal Systems like heat pump and heat exchangers. WINSO is yet another IIoT product for the small hybrid wind and solar remote monitoring and diagnostics systems.

Maxbyte focuses on providing end to end IIoT solution from strategy to delivery including, consulting, solution architecture, hardware, com-munication, software, edge analytics, managed services

Maxbyte ability to provide elastic, scalable and interoperable IIoT software application development, deployment and managed services for smart manufacturing and aftermarket intelligence is unmatched in the in the industry. The firm takes the game a step further with augmented and mixed reality solutions for an immersive experience transforming the way users create, operate and service the products. When asked about the factors that set the firm apart, Ramshankar proudly responds, “The Digital transformation journey at Maxbyte is driven by a consulting approach. Further our IIOT implementations are rather in weeks and not months.”

Maxbyte is a promising name in the domain that can be expected to disrupt the market with edge analytics for aftermarket intelligence and smart factory solutions. The firm is currently moving forward with a focus on driving outcomes to enable new business models and operational visibility. A SaaS-based digital manufacturing platform for real-time analytics on Production OEE, autonomous maintenance, and factory utilities, byteFACTORY is equipped with field device and communication infrastructure partner ecosystem that facilitates end-to-end implementation and continuous support.