iBot Control Systems - Democratizing Connectivity with Integrated IoT enablement

CIO Vendor The global market for M2M technology is growing at a CAGR of 11.57 percent and is projected to reach USD 35.16 billion by 2020. Amidst this progress, opportunities in this space have proved to be as diverse as the types of appliances, machines and infrastructure that have been created over the last several decades. While the last decade has connected the world’s population of humans with each other and created significant wealth in the process, the next decade is expected to witness the emergence of a connected ecosystem where technology is connected to everything and all people. An age of significant wealth creation is emerging which can be aptly summarized under the Digital Transformation phenomenon. However, despite this immense progress, one of the key challenges facing enterprises today is the fragmentation of IoT wherein a number of vendors providing diverse offerings are required to work together in complete unison for an IoT initiative to succeed. Furthermore, an enterprise’s ability to partner with the right companies and program manage this fragmentation greatly impacts the degree of success of an IoT initiative. Recognizing these obstacles, Hyderabad headquartered iBot Control Systems endeavors to optimize IoT deployments for enterprises with a completely integrated approach.

Established in 2012, iBot Control Systems was created with a mission to help manufacturers of products, equipment, machinery and infrastructure to leverage the new age of connectivity to bring smarter devices. Recognizing the need to build products and systems that are modular, iBot Control Systems leverages the expertise of an adept team that brings together their knowledge in the diverse engineering disciplines of electrical engineering, electronics engineering, sensor technology, wireless technology, mechanical engineering and software engineering, to create an inclusive IoT platform. Through a combination of hardware and software, this platform allows a plug and play IOT sub-system, enabling manufacturers and consumer-focused businesses to create a connected product. “We have a very multi-disciplinary team, where seven streams of engineering work together to create products and solutions that are modular, highly secure and easy to use,” affirms Ravi Subramanyam, Founder & CEO, iBot Control Systems. “Our platform is unique in its ability to connect any machine to any Cloud and thus enables manufacturers and businesses to deploy connected systems while significantly reducing time to market for our customers,” he further elaborates.

Consequently, in order to provide customers with complete IoT capabilities that can transform their current generation machines into more intelligent and connected business solutions, iBot has designed its flagship product- the iBot Platform, which brings together a number of core elements such as iBot Processor, iBot Studio, iBot Store, iBot Hive and the iBot Cloud. This platform is aimed at helping manufacturers, businesses and people to connect, control and engage in commerce with machines.

Complete IoT Possibilities in a Single Package
The first and principal task in IoT enabling any product or machine involves establishing a completely secure, two-way connectivity between the machine and the Cloud. Acknowledging this prerequisite, iBot Control Systems has developed the iBot Processor which brings together a complete set of IoT capabilities into one reliable solution. Hailed as the world’s first IoT Processor for machines, iBot’s Processor possesses core capabilities in the three areas of Computing, Communications and the Cloud and can facilitate connections to any machine through any bus, thus enabling enterprises to create rules of engagement with the machine. The iBot Processor also supports different forms of wireless communications including RFID/ NFC, Sub-GHz, Bluetooth, Zigbee as well as far-field communications such as Wi-Fi, Cellular and Satellite. The platform also provides native capabilities to connect to any Cloud platform while offering advanced identity, authentication, encryption and security features. Furthermore, the iBot Processor has been made available in various series and SKU’s to support several different machines and connectivity needs, and can be integrated with the iBot Hive for complete device, application and connectivity management.

Facilitating App Development with iBot Studio
With IoT now becoming more and more pervasive and beginning to invade every aspect of our lives, IoT apps have begun to form a crucial link between the physical and digital worlds.
However, despite the numerous advancements and the immense potential in the IoT market today, Development Tools for IOT apps aren’t as evolved or as extensively available as those used for web and mobile based applications. Furthermore, licensing of these tools for large-scale adoption also poses considerable challenges to enterprises. As a result, to democratize these tools and make them available as part of a larger platform, iBot brings an optimum IoT App development tool, iBot Studio, designed to help manufacturers and service providers bring connected products to the market in a more agile and secure manner. Being the first of its kind hardware integrated developer studio for IOT apps, this tool offers advanced Code-on-Cloud capabilities to facilitate app development for any developer. iBot Studio also offers code compatibility across the iBot Processor series, supporting it with 16-bit, 32-bit and ARM architectures, thereby assisting the development of both simple and complex IOT apps.

iBot has designed its flagship product- the iBot Platform, which brings together a number of core elements such as iBot Processor, iBot Studio, iBot Store, iBot Hive and the iBot Cloud

While the iBot Processor can be used to connect to any machine and the iBot Studio to develop apps, the next requisite that IoT-enablement entails is the ability to publish these apps on a distribution channel, so that the devices that power a certain machine can gain access to different versions of the app. Bringing this capability to organizations, iBot offers an AppStore for machines- iBot Store, which functions as a discovery and distribution platform for IOT apps, allowing enterprises and innovators to both develop and monetize IOT apps.

In addition to iBot Studio, iBot Control Systems also offers iBot Hive to provide enterprises with a management console to upgrade and update devices, applications and enhance the overall connectivity. As part of the iBot Platform, iBot Hive brings capabilities to register, identify, authenticate and manage the device lifecycle, management of apps that are integrated from within the iBot Store and overall connectivity management. The iBot Hive is also integrated into the SIM management platforms of global MVNO’s so that connected devices can be provisioned and managed across 400+ networks worldwide. “While IOT enablement is a goal in itself, the ability to manage, potentially hundreds of thousands of connected devices, the apps that run on these devices, upgrades and connectivity of these devices, is a make or break criteria for the success of an enterprise IOT initiative,” enunciates Ravi.

Scaling new heights in IoT Innovation
iBot Control Systems is a Digital Startup which has, in a span of four years, successfully established itself in the IoT space. As one of the IOT sub-system suppliers to OEM’s and Businesses across India and the US, iBot believes that its unique approach to IoT enablement has been the single biggest differentiating factor for the company. “Our ability to offer a truly end to end IOT platform that begins with the physical world and plugs in completely into the digital world is what makes us a unique proposition in the market. We have created significant mindshare in the industry both in the United States and India and have enabled large businesses to successfully deploy IOT,” proclaims Ravi.

iBot also attributes its success to its 36 member multi-disciplinary team whose technical prowess and combined experience have helped the company to grow immensely since its inception. Owing to this approach, the company has garnered several prestigious awards and has been ranked among the top 25 IOT innovators in India under the NASSCOM COE IOT, as well as among the top 15 companies in the Microsoft Accelerator world-wide.

Combining this expertise with the determination to succeed, iBot hopes to emerge as one of the leading IoT enablers in the industry. With a sales headquarters in the USA, R&D headquarters in India and manufacturing headquarters in China, the company plans to leverage its ability to innovate in India and China to create products and solutions for the global market. The iBot team also envisions bringing connectivity across one million end points and is geared up to double their revenue in the upcoming future.