Arun Infotech - Futuristic IoT Deployment and Integration for SME Segment

CIO Vendor The global Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine- To-Machine (M2M) market is progressing at a substantial growth rate as the market is now being driven by factors such as government driven technology and ubiquitous connectivity. However, the entire ecosystem still faces numerous implementation challenges due to the fragmented state of current M2M technology. Existing M2M solutions are highly dedicated to singular applications, and do not clearly express a global perspective in design and architecture. Moreover, interoperability between devices and machines poses a great challenge, hindering the effectiveness of M2M as well as the time required for M2M to manifest its complete potential. Acknowledging these challenges, Pune-headquartered Arun Infotech brings M2M and IoT Development Services to fulfill the diverse requirements of the ever growing industry and enable greater corporate efficiencies.

Founded in 2004, Arun Infotech ventured into the arena of Software Services, Embedded Solutions and Automation in 2006 and has since gained vast industry experience on different platforms and technologies. The company now boasts of a comprehensive solution portfolio that includes IoT Device Development, IoT Cloud Development, Application Design and Maintenance, Mobile Application Development, Software development, Security Solutions and Embedded Solutions Services. “Arun Infotech has evolved in the M2M segment in the last 5-7 years and has carried out M2M integrations for a large customer base in India and overseas,” affirms Milind Bhinge, CMD, Arun Infotech. In addition to being a system integrator, the company also carries out manufacturing, design and development of products from scratch, while simultaneously reducing costs and time to market for their customers.
IoT devices primarily require sensors for converting real world data to a measured value, a processing unit and a communication interface. Addressing these requisites, the company leverages its expertise in embedded wireless concepts, systems and services to enable the design and development of applications, with less turnaround time. From initial conceptualization, design and development to release and manufacturing, the company works with OEM’s as well as Sensor and Equipment manufacturers to deploy solutions that can best meet the M2M and IoT objectives of their customers. Arun Infotech also enables its client enterprises’ use of various Cloud platforms by providing IoT Cloud services on the Cloud platforms of AWS and BlueMix. The company also maintains its own application server where web services are hosted for its customers. “Big Cloud services usually come with a recurring cost. Our clientele which primarily comprises of SME’s, prefers to opt for a custom made solution where we host on our own servers, which are hosted in some data centers,” explains Milind.

Arun Infotech brings M2M and IoT Development Services to fulfill the diverse requirements of the ever growing industry and enable greater corporate efficiencies

Having gained vast industry experience in a span of over a decade, Arun Infotech hopes to leverage this expertise to enable the ongoing digital transformation in India. With mobility, cognitive services, IoT device development and Cloud Application Services all under the same roof, the company intends to serve as a one-stop-shop solution for SME’s across India. Under the deft guidance of agricultural expert Vishwesh Karade, the company is also looking to venture into Agricultural IoT to enable automation of various agricultural processes in the upcoming future.